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Modified Bitumen  


Plants offered by frigmaires are deigned and tailor made to suit local conditions and customer requirements. Basic plants can range from simple manually operated plants to highly sophisticated automated plants.


Types of Modified Bitumen  
A typical blending plant comprsies of the following sections :
  • Tank farm
  • Blending area
  • Storage, Filling And Packing
Base oils from the tank farm are pumped into the blending vessels and mixed with additives at the required temprreature to obtain a homgeous mix.there are several methods to achieve and optimum blend depending on the product and plant requirments. The blended product is then filtered and transferred to storage tanks from where it is taken to the filling station and packed in containers or barreles.the entire process can be carried out in a basic manually operated plant or auotmated plc controled plants

The lube oils are manufactured to api or other required specifications

advantages of Modified Bitumen  

A manual operation where all components are weighed or metered into the blender.the blender is heated and mixing is achieved using an agitator. The finishedproduct is filtered and or packaged directly from the kettle.


Automatic batch blenders are designed for manufacturing simple as well complex formulations with batch sizes ranging from10-25mt.the design of these blenders is based on automatic dosing of base oils and additives. The blender is mounted on load cells and is provided with a dosing header line, electro pneumatic valves and mass flow meters. The additives are pre blended and precisely dosed into the blender. During the blending process the vessel is heated and the agitator is in continuous motion to ensure thorougher homogenization of the blend..small additives can be added manually from top into the blender. The finished product is then transfered to the filling station via filters. The entire process is plc controlled and provided with a recipe management system.

The control system can also perform automated pigging control and higher plant-level functions; such as bulk inventories, laboratory data handling, interfaces to scheduling and customer service.

Avdntages are :

  • High accuracy
  • Reduced labor
  • Quick blend
  • Turn around
  • Low contamination and flexibility



An ILB is a pipeline blending system using computer-controlled valves and FLOW meters to introduce blend components into a line or header in a proportional manner.5-6 Components are simultaneously heated and mixed and transferred to the finished product tank. Small quantities of additives can be automatically dosed into the blender during this process. This type of blender is capable of delivering homogeneous, on-test product directly to a finished product tank with no requirement for additional mixing.

Avdntages are :

  • Large Production and Consistent Quality
Bitumen Emulsions  

In a smb the a small quality of the base oil is metered along with the small components as per recipe into the homogenization tank .after dosing all components the final base oil is added and the blend is is possible to correct the blend by dosing small quantities of the balancing material.

The finished product is then filtered and transfered to the filling station .the entire process is plc controled and provided with a recipe management system. The control system can also perform automated pigging control and higher plant-level functions; such as bulk inventories, laboratory data handling, interfaces to scheduling and customer service.


Used for production of synthetic lubricants whee solid powdery and liquid additives have to be evenly distributed and homogenized in the oil. The dmb technology stabilizes the blend and prevents the additives from re agglomerating.

Use as per setting characteristics  

These units are designed for emptying of of additives from drums and small containers.the additives in containers are are handled by fork lifts and placed on conveyors which moves into the heating oven. The heated containers are then placed under the discharge head of the decanter and transferred to the blender. The system comprises of a heating oven, weighing platform, conveyor and decanting station.

Avdntages are :

  • Capacity up to 3cumtr/hr
  • Viscosity upto 5000 CST
  • Skid mounted units to integrate with existing plant

Frigmaires offers mobile plants ranging from 5-20mt/day capacity based on a single shift of 8hrs.these plants are modularly placed in 20 or 40 ft containers and have just to be connected to the main power supply and base oil feed lines. The mobile units can be supplied with automatic or gravity filling machines. Recommended for growing markets having small or limited demand.




Frigmaires offers automatic and semi automatic filling lines to meet the requirements of large as well as medium to small lubricant manufacturers. The filling lines are available from 1 head to 8 head Filling stations. Containers ranging from 250ml to 25ml can be filled in our lines with capacities ranging from 900-7200ltrs/hr. The filling lines are complimented by capping and induction sealers. Optional attachments we offer are labeling, leak detection and bar code printing machines to complete the filling lines.

For small operations we offer gravity filling stations which require no power and are suitable for filling containers from 2 to 25 ltrs to an output of 1350 ltrs/hr.




Apigging system is used for cleaning of pipeliens to avoid contamination and reduce effluents.piggings sytems in a lube oil plant allows faster changeover between products and reduces the number of pipelines in a plant.the principal of pigging consists of a rubeer pig which is propelled along the lenghth of the pipe using a neutral oil, air or a flushing agent. As it moves along the line the left over residue in the line is pushed out and collected at the recevier end. A pigging system ensures high product quality with consederable savings in time, labor and money. Frigmaires offers manual, semi automatic and fully automatic and fully automatic plc controled piging systems integrated with the blending plant.



  Autolube has been designed for controlling flow of lube oils and additives into the processing blenders and kettles. Every project is designed to meet specific customer requirments and budgets. We offer distributed software solutions for basic applications as well as for complex plant wide control up to product dispatch. Autolube helps the user to achieve total production control of the plant from raw material reception and storage right up to product dispatch. PLC and SCADA based systems using hardware from reputed firms such as Siemens / Allen Bradley or equivalent are incorporated in the package.