Single Source Responsibility From Concept To Commissioning


Frigmaires offers state of the art plants for the manufacture of a wide range of greases such as Lithium, Calcium, Soda, Aluminum complex, Polyurea, Synthetic and Specialty greases. We employ highly experienced Partners and Grease technologists who have hands on plant experience for manufacturing quality greases based on NLGI specifications. Our dedicated team of engineers works closely with our customers to ensure that the entire process of setting up the plant is made simple.

  Grease Plant  
Manufacturing Know How  

The project/plant offered by us is the outcome of many years of technical and scientific experience.

Modern manufacturing equipment, scientifically developed formulations, the processes, careful supervision at every stage, vast manufacturing, fabrication and design experience are put together to create the project.

Accurate process controls, high manufacturing standards, quality controls, repeatable and reproducible conversion efficiency incorporated in the plant ensure very high manufacturing standards resulting in production of complete range of greases of proven qualities.

Plant Start Up  

Supervision of erection and commissioning of plants supplied by us is undertaken by a team of experienced technicians. Our supervisors are sent to the project site to ensure that the plant is erected on time and kept ready for commissioning in accordance to the drawings and instructions provided by us. Pre-commissioning trials are conducted prior to deputing our technologists.

Detailed Engineering  
Layout 10MT Grease Plant
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A complete package starting from selection of site, preparing engineering drawings,planning layout right upto production and quality control is offered by us. Each project is executed keeping the clients best interest in mind. Detailed drawings are prepared for electrical, civil, mechanical process and piping making our plants easy to operate and maintain.

  General Layout Grease Plant  

FormulationWe employ a team of experienced grease technologists having hands on experience in their respective fields in the manufacturing of greases and lubricants. Products are formulated after careful consideration of raw material availability.Manufacturing costs and present trends in the international market. We also offer tailor made products to meet local market conditions.

Lab Set Up  

Laboratory Set UpEach plant supplied by us is provided with a complete set of laboratory equipment to conduct basic tests meeting international specifications. Proper and thorough training is provided by our chemists for conducting tests and operating the lab equipment. Additional sophisticated equipment can be provided by us on request.


AutomationFrom raw material storage to product packaging. Depending on the level of automation and budget available total solutions and software packages are offered for operating the plant using a single operator. PLC and SCADA based systems manufactured by Allen Bradley or Equivalent are incorporated in our plants. The Package includes the Hardware, Software, Input and Output Modules, Operator Display, Internal wiring, documentation and manuals.


  • Maintaining Data, Fault Finding, Secrecy.
  • Recipe Operation.
  • PC compatible and Reduced Manpower.

On successful commissioning of the plants our technologist stay back to impart practical training to operate the plant to clients satisfaction.

Information pertaining to the projects is exchanged freely for a period of 12 months from the date of commissioning. We also offer services for selection of competent staff on contract basis.

Outstanding characteristics of greases manufactured in our plants are:

Complete absence of corrosive or abrasive ingredients that would be harmful to bearings. Only highest quality fats are recommended to obviate rancidity.


Raw materials and finish products quality control, uniformity in process parameters, consistency in all physical and chemical properties. Lube oils Recommended are carefully selected to give excellent lubrication characteristics. The process parameters have been finalized and adopted after large number of production batches.

Stability Retention of homogeneity throughout their use and in storage.
Extra Qualities

Extra desirable qualities have been imparted to the greases – either by way of special manufacturing processes or by Addition of necessary additives.