Lab Equipment

Laboratory Equipment


Each plant supplied by us is provided with a complete set of laboratory equipment to conduct basic tests meeting international specifications. Proper and thorough training is provided by our chemists for conducting tests and operating the lab equipment. Additional sophisticated equipment can be provided by us on request.

Apparent Viscosity Measures pumpability and handling characteristics of grease. Apparent Viscosimeter; Refrigerated Apparent Viscosimeter ASTM D1092, FTM 791-306
Copper Strip Corrosion Used to evaluate the corrosivity of petroleum products. Copper Strips, Corrosion Standards, Constant Temperature Bath, Polishing Equipment ASTMD4048, FTM 791-5325
Corrosion Preventative Properties Determines the ability of lubricating grease to prevent rusting of metal bearing surfaces. Corrosion Preventative Properties Apparatus ASTMD1743, FTM 791-4012
Dropping Point Determines the temperature at which grease passes from a semisolid to a liquid state. Dropping Point Apparatus; High Temperature Dropping Point Apparatus ASTM D566, D2265, DIN 51801, FTM 791-1421, IP 132, ISO 2176
Evaporation Loss Measures the tendency of components in oils or greases to evaporate at high temperature. Evaporation Test Cell and Constant Temperature Bath; High Temperature Evaporation Loss Apparatus ASTMD972, D2595, FTM 791-351, IP 183
Grease Mobility Used to predict pumpability characteristics of lubricating grease under low temperature operating conditions. Grease Mobility Tester U.S. Steel/ASTM test currently in ballot
Leakage Tendencies Evaluates the tendency of automotive wheel bearing greases to separate oil or grease (standard or accelerated methods). Leakage Tendencies Tester; High Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease Tester ASTMD1263, D4290, FTM 791-3454
Life Performance Evaluates the high temperature stability of automotive wheel bearing greases. High Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease Tester ASTM D3527
Low Temperature Torque Significant for the design and specification of greases for low temperature service. Low Temperature Torque Apparatus, Low Temperature Wheel Bearing Torque Apparatus ASTMD1478, D4693, FTM 791-334
Oil Separation Determines the tendency of lubricating grease to bleed oil during storage. Pressure Bleeding Test Cell and Constant Temperature Air Cabinet; Oil Separation Apparatus ASTMD1742, FTM 791-321.2, FTM 791-322, IP 121
Oxidation Stability An accelerated aging test for quality control. Oxidation Bomb, Pressure Gauge, Constant Temperature Bath ASTMD942, DIN 51808, FTM 791-3453, IP 142
Particle Contamination A rapid test for determining the presence of deleterious particles in lubricating greases. ASTM Deleterious Particles Determination Apparatus ASTMD1404
Penetration Determines the consistency of lubricating greases. Penetrometer (Automatic, manual), Penetration Cone, Grease Worker, Constant Temperature Bath, Accessories ASTMD217, D1403, DIN 51580, DIN 51804, FTM 791-311, 312, 313, IP 50, IP 179, IP 310, ISO 2137
Roll Stability Used together with the ASTM D1403 Cone Penetration test to evaluate shear stability. Roll Stability Tester, Quarter-Scale or Half-Scale Penetration Test Equipment ASTMD1831, MIL-G-10924SA
Water Leaching Determines the ability of silicone thread compounds to resist the washing action of water. Gas Evolution/Water Leaching Test Apparatus API (BUL 5A2)
Water Spray Off Evaluates the tendency of a lubricating grease to adhere to a metal surface under direct water spray. Water Spray Off Tester ASTMD4049
Water Washout Characteristics Evaluates the adhesion properties of grease when subjected to direct water stream. Water Washout Tester ASTMD1264, FTM 791-3252, IP 215